NHL standings....

discuss GO LEAFS!

"GO LEAFS" ..looks like they are listening

Vancouver and Detroit have the exact same GF and GA

Not after tonight.


Remember, the avs have two games on hand to detroit and one to vancouver and are a win away from being tied with both of them. Avs are gonna destroy SJ tonight

boston at 32 pts and with 2 games in hand...look out rest of hte league

Boston at 2-0 to the Leafs right now better get their shit together fast in the 3rd

ewwww. 6-0 Boston just wasted one of their games in hand

awful, simply awful


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yes, bravo!


Damn, look at that potent Detroit offense.


Saturday will be a good game.

You better pray they don't start Manny.


My Flyers are loking great, especially at home. They have all the tools to be great during the regular season. The PLayoffs is when the beer starts going down and my stress levels climb


"You better pray they don't start Manny."


LMAO @ Detroit...

And the mighty Detroit Red Wings keep scoring goals by the truckloads, even with a good portion of their talent on the sidelines with injuries.