Niagara Falls Poker Room

I must say that this new casino in Niagara Falls compares to any Vegas Casino / Hotel.

The poker pit is located at the back of the casino and only has 8 tables but the action was fantastic this past weekend.

20 40 was their highest limit game and I was playing in a 500 buy in no limit game.

Definitely recommend this poker room to anyone.

I'll be there in february and will check it out. I take it you are talking about Casino Niagara or is it a new one (Haven't been there in 18 month).

Whats the low stake tables like for amatuers as myself?

Man, the wait must be unbearable with only 8 tables.

axekick, i just live down the st from it. the other casino will be getting 12 tables by march and they are trying to open up some space for more tables at this casino. during the week there's a wait to get on a table but it's usually less than an hour. i can't imagine what it is on weekends.

hope you did well at the casino. did you check out the buffet? MMMMM

crunion, there are 2 casinos in Niagra Falls now, but I don't know which one axekick is talking about. I went to the new one in November, really nice place, but the cheapest blackjack tables were $25/hand so I played slots instead. Won almost $200, woo!

Sorry missed your post crunion.

The old casino is Casino Niagara. It won't have their tables till I hear march.

The new casino is Fallsview and has the poker tables.

Stan were you there on the weekend? They have $5 tables during the week.

As for low stakes tables, if you're playing poker during the week you can find 3/6 tables. They have NL cash games where buy in is $100-$500. Not sure what it is on weekends cause I rarely go on weekends.

is the poker room open during the day ? i hear the waitling list is hours long

what's wrong with seneca niagara casino?  We have free alcohol until 4am and start serving again at 8am .  but i do hear the Fallsview action is huge.

 come on over and help a brother out I deal at Seneca.  My name is Brendan and my hair is too long for how i style it. let me know who you are and i'll stack the deck for you. 

once i get some extra cash i'll be playing at fallsview myself

oh also for the time being fallsview poker opens at noon and closes at 4am but they'll be changing to 24hrs in a few weeks

hey where is Seneca and what kind of hold em games do you have ?

Seneca Niagara Casino is on the american side in what used to be the convention center. 

We have 16 tables that range from 2/4 limit up to nolimit $500 min. no max

our most popular game is no limit 1/2 blinds $40 $100 max

with the opening of the Fallsview room its rare for our biggest no-limit game to go but we do get a regular 5/5 blind 200 maxgame going

 you have to be 21 to play

we also get a 1-5 spread stud game daily and 3/6 omaha hi/lo8 with a kill(wild action) on weekends

yes, i was in Seneca before xmas, nice room !!

They allow you to sit behind your friends while you wait. They do not allow that in ontario canada which i think is stupid !

Nice leather couches to hang out on and big plasma tvs to watch .

Too bad i got stuck at the border for an hour.