Niagarabjj/new mats new prices!!

Hey guys Niagarabjj is getting new mats, over 1500sqft of new mat space. Also we have new prices for 6 days of week traing with a bb. Come down and try it out. Also the new Cage is almost complete.

Train Hard

vince at

Esfiha was telling us about the new mats. He said they are sweeeeeeet! Plus a cage! Man, you guys are rawkin' there!

ttt for Esfiha, Vince, Rich and Chad

Hey Guys, I have had an opportunity to travel all over the world and train. The mats at the club are awsome. I was in the club today and had a chance to help put them down and the whole club looked like a sea of mats. Monday night the mats will be in place,and we will have the biggest matted surface in
the area.

Train Hard



What did you do with your old mats?

Rich, the owner sold them to another club in T.O!!!

Good thinking! However, this means my plan to lay mats all over my house for sudden attacks from my BJJ friends is ruined.

Ha ha ha!

Attack them anyways Dougie. Just make sure they don't see you hiding in the bushes before you strike.

One time my car got broken into in my driveway and they stole my Canadian Tire money out of the ashtray.

I spent a week sitting behind my bushed in the wee hours of the morning with a baseball bat hoping they'd come back.

They never did.


TTT for Vince and Niagarabjj

I hope to make it out there this summer.


you are more then welcome!!