NiagarabjjChristmas party Reminder

This Saturday Night we will be partaking in our 1st Christmas Party at The Honest Lawyer at 7pm. Then we will walk down to Stella's for an evening of fun!!
Anyone interested in attending and needs directions email me at




Stella's an honest lawyer for sure! Have fun boys and
gurls! ;)

Sorry Vince, I read that wrong.

I do know Stella the lawyer from St.Kitts though.

Stella is not honest Lawyer, but is is a great place to party!!!!
Thanks wayne!

Thanks to all for making our 1st Christmas party a success!!! And I survived after having 14 southern comfort and cokes plus whatever shooters I was bought!!!

Wishing everyone a great Christmas and Happy new Year!!!

Train Hard!!


Some days I sit and watch Vince get beat up for hours on my Esfiha dvds.


My friend, the pain that I endured will make me stronger. I will certainly be happy to return the favor when I see you next!!

Have a great Christmas with your family and looking to see you on the mats!!


Note to self: Always ask Esfiha to re-demonstrate any techniques he shows us on Vince...

"Esfiha? I didn't see that. Can you do it on Vince again?"


It's good to suffer....

I just got the Esfiha DVDs and yesterday (sat) I had all my friends come over, watch the DVDs and everytime Esfiha locked on a move on Vinnie we all had a shot! Lets just say that a lot of people passed out happy!!

I'm just playing, Vince is my buddy and he and the big guy did a great job on those DVDs.

Merry Christmas Niagara BJJ!!!

There are a lot of jealous people out there!!! You only wish you can be submitted by Esfiha for 8 striaght hours of filming!!!!

Wait till you see the next batch!!!

When we were watching them we all cheered as vdog got choked.

We love you vdog! You were taking it for the team!


Laugh now boys!! But when I get discovered in Cali you will all be rushing out to get smashed by Esfiha on DVD!!!

Have a great Christmas!!

Vince, aka Esfiha's submitting "dummy"