Nice breakdown on Roberto "Hands of Stone" Duran

Awesome video by the man LeeWylie1


on another thread people are saying that manny is a better version of duran. lol

Nice breakdown. Especially all the feinting Phone Post 3.0

The boxing posts on the other forums can be hard to read

Yeah the vid was posted a few weeks ago. Great vid though

That Duran bid was posted a while again
And I posted it in the manny v duran tread

Wales1 started that Lewis Holyfield Bowe tyson thread.
And yes, it's attracted some wet wipes.
Everyone who's opinion I respect and take note of posts in here so, I just blank the rest Phone Post 3.0

martinburke - It's a great vid for technique.

Another good repost:

Some of you might find this interesting:


The fixed fight article is a real eye opener. Well worth a read

the way that article breaks down the hustle perpetrated by the mcneely camp is shocking. i htought seldon was tyson's worst fix. this one was woarse because it seems like mcneely wasn't in on it. i remember in the days afterwards people agreeing that it was the right thing for a manager to step in and save his fighter. whatever

If you haven't seen this. It is very good.