Nice F'n elbow

By Gideon from the bottom - nasty wound

Bloodbath !!!!!

That was intense at first - like an F'n faucet

Well Placed elbow by Gideon, bet he had no clue it would bleed like that

Must have burst a vein.

Cut's gotta be deep too. Bleeding pretty freely. Even if he wins, he's gonna need some sutures on that bad boy

On DeWee's head / skull

He's f'n painting the canvas with blood. This is the most blood that I've seen on TV

that is a shitload of blood

right on the hairline that thing is spurting - worst looking wound i've seen, just continuing to pour

That is some crazy bleeding. It looks like someone left the tap on.

He's gotta get the nod for this effort. Good guard passing by "Bloody" Bam Bam

That was pretty harsh but Edwin deserved a chance to take the win, it was his fight for all 3 rnds IMO

Hey, Luke, when are you fighting again, bro?

after the stevenson edwards fight i watched a interview with edwards and he said the doctor stopped the fight because he lost so much blood...there was no way he lost more then bam bam

Cary Elwes in the movie 'Saw' lost less blood than Dewees. :)

At least the better fighter won.

That made Yves Edwards gash look like a paper cut.


I guess Lytle (from Riggs) and Leben (from Kenflo) were bad, and worthy of a stop because they were so close to the eye.

But why was Gideon Ray's and Yves stopped?

I guess Dewees' cut wasn't actually that big? It just bled a lot? And it was much higher?


If not for the cut, it was all Bam Bam.