Nice hook KO

You don’t know fuck about shit!!!

I’ve found in sparring that if you can switch to southpaw against a southpaw that it aids with range but also can confuse a southpaw because they are mostly used to orthodox stance fighters. it’s not often a southpaw sees another southpaw stance and instantly creates a bit of confusion because most southpaws struggle against the jab when facing another southpaw. It’s not bad. it’s just that they don’t get the chance to drill against it so they don’t know where they are deficient.

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Hagler could switch and be dangerous either way.
It’s either natural or you really have to train it…

I still recall, in a MMA CLASS SPARRING SESSION, a guy straight up telling “hey you can’t do that” when I switched stances to spar as a lefty ha ha. He was acting like I did an heretic awful thing,. What?

I was born left handed / left eye dominant but was converted to a righty as a child. One of the few things I had going for me was I was comfortable in either stance and had power in both hands. Some of the power in my left was from over rehabbing when I had a serious break of the arm. If I hadn’t sparred with I alway started as a righty and after partner was used to that movement quickly convert to left and see if they would circle to my power left. Still with all this I was not that great

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Every time I see a guy fall on the concrete it makes me nervous.

FRAT fight story

About 12-13 years ago I was at a bar in Baton Rouge to see my dad who came down to visit. My right hand was in a cast from getting smashed at work. We’re getting loaded since it’s my main spot and i grew up with the bartender. Towards the end of the night my dad leaves and I stick around prolly gonna try to go home with Kendra and all the sudden this dude is being a dick to the bartender (Kendra) and everybody around him. My home girl isn’t even supposed to be there she’s just covering for her sister and so I try to be a peace keeper and calm everyone down. Mind you I’ve been at the bar since I got off work at 430 and it’s now about midnight. Drinking jaeger. Im black out drunk. I know this because as I go over to talk to the dude and take his focus off my girl, he starts being a prick to me. I offer to buy him whatever he wants and try to make him happy and he’s not having it. I can’t remember what he said but it went all over me and now we’re about to get into it when another fight breaks out. We both look at them fighting and back at each other and now we’re fighting. I knee and armpit lift him into the stools under the bar and knee him as hard as I can in the face holding the bar. Black out. Here’s where it gets fuct up. When I come back too, all I can remember is him trying to crawl under the pool table like he’s a mechanic or some shit, so I grab his pants legs and slide him out from under the table as I jump forward and elbow him in the face. The sound it made when his head hit the concrete under my full weight elbow made everybody quit fighting. His legs seized up. Ill never not smell the blood when I think about all this. It sobered me up really really quick. It was the scariest feeling I’ve ever had in my life. He turned out ok but I really have to have a good reason to put my hands on you anymore. It taught me to have a lot longer fuse on my temper. Anyway, they had to shut the bar down for a day for damages and because there was blood everywhere. Kendra could never tend there again and I got lifetime banned. No good come out of the situation and somebody could have easily never been the same.

yeah, I’ve had that happen as well. Most instructors prefer you spar in your given stance. I utilize peek a boo quite a bit which is def more boxing than muay thai but the good part of that is that it’s tough for the coach or opponent to give you shit for switching stance because it allows you to square up your shoulders. Sometimes you have to be slick about it!