Nice JUDO Throw

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fuckin html editor wtf?


harai goshi

i know he's sweeping with the leg with the hip so it is a sweeping hip throw (harai goshi), but traditionally a harai goshi is taken with a high grip.. is it still a harai goshi? i don't know. maybe

yes just like o-goshi, seoi, tani etc... has multiple grips

nice eastern mongolian side leg trip

oh ok.

lol with a high grip on what his gi.

damn! that was nice. Is this guy not good at anything?

"lol with a high grip on what his gi.

No, but you can secure around his neck like you do with a koshi-guruma.

ttt for laters

It's a nice throw.



that's not osoto gari?

Yeah I thought it was Osoto gari too,, that is why I don't study Judo.