Nice KO clip from Vut's 11-21 show

Here is the ending to the Scott Harmon/Ethan Cox Super Heavy Weight title fight. Fortunately Ethan recovered just fine from this terrible KO.Right click and Save Target As...

nice. Set it up with the body shots and got him moving straight back with his hands kind of low.

Cool knock out.
Was that a pro show?

hey Keegan any pics of the show ??
please post em' if you got em'
"The Hyena"

Hey what's up Mark, good scrap you had man, it definitely coulda gone either way. Here are a couple of pics from your fight.

big o thanks alot bro , ill tell ya i was off that night but it was fun and it'll only get better ! next time i wont just try to street fight LMAO,
Thanks !
The Hyena

hey i got it !! Keegan Rules !....i just watched it and no offence to Kenny He's a good fighter but i thought i won the last two rounds,he won the first...
ok ill stop bitching about judges now........hey Keegan did i meet you ? anyway ill see you at thje next one The Hyena !

Mark we haven't met, I keep meaning to go to Vut's after parties but I wanted to see the UFC right away lol! I'll see you at the next one and be sure to say hello.