Nice KO!!Goulet Vs Axworthy (vid)

Last week at TKO
Nice Kick

Oh damn I felt that. TTT

Wow, that was sick!

Thx Peter ! TTT

I want to see Goulet at the Wec ! He still have 2 fights for the UFC but he's not on the plan for a title shot .. At the WEC he would be a favorite .. He dismantled Alessio who is at the top here

Early stoppage IMO...j/k

ummmm, I'm pretty sure Luke's KO was on PPV. At least, I've seen it and I wasn't at the fight.

awesome! Goulet is da sh*t. Can't wait too see him fight again in the UFC/WEC.


''How come those douchebags never released Luke Caudillo's 11 sec. ko? Oh yeah it was one of their boys that got knocked the fuck out'' .. huh ?? I saw this fight on PPV and RDS !