"Nice move."........."Fuck it!"

One of my favorite pro wrestling moments. Anyone who has been a fan of the sport for a long time can attest to Mene Gene's fierce professionalism and great announcing. Which is what makes this so funny. Additionally, Vince saying "nice move" was pretty fucking funny, too. 


Wow. This is the same Gene Okerlund that didn't even flinch when Booker T called Hulk Hogan the n-word.

The funniest thing is go to the related videos at the bottom after it's over and click on the Luger on in the second tab...and you will laugh ALOT!!!!!

Gene's reaction was totally unnecessary.  It sounded SOOOO out of place.

Credit to Rick Rude for not laughing his ass off.

I watched that about 5 times in a row lol!

I like how Bobby Heenan didn't hesitate one sec to just walk off