Nice Teefe on Solomon

No they are not teeth, their "Teefe".

I hope he gets pounded !

god I hate that toofless prick. I hope he looks awful in the octagon

im sure rory will beat his ass in about one minute cuz its on commercial right now. miIII

Teefe is a gasser

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i knew it. i was expecting a submission from the bottom though, but a fuckin head kick ko is even sweeter. rory shut solomon up. punk ass. lol

While I couldn't stand listening to the word Dagger 30 times a show, the alternative of hearing Rory bitch is much worse.

Team Dagger = team gay...
so glad that's over...

Dagger = Backstabber

Can't blame the guy for not fixing his teeth- he may not have the money.

However, acting the way he does when he is 32 years old is pretty bad.


the way they were portraying him i could tell he'd end up losing

can't train someones chin.
goodnight. ktfo

overconfidence got him ktfo!