Nice Triangle Setup (vid)

Nice triangle setup by Chris Wilson(Team Quest's KICKBOXING coach)...


Video isn't playing for me.

Is or isn't?

Sorry, it is NOT playing. I edited the previous post.

Try clicking here.

That was a great triangle, but I wish he'd gotten the reverse omoplata that was just waiting for him.

Too risky if it was me...

I'd much rather take the back from there(especially in MMA)...

If he had squeezed his knees, he would have gotten the armbar too.

But I think he was too tired to squeeze, especially after fighting from that weirdo position they were initially in.

"the reverse omoplata that was just waiting for him. "

I was thinking that kind of looks like an omoplata from the back. Is there really such an animal as a reverse omoplata?

How do you set it up? Pics anywhere?

Aesopian hat pic sets up somewhere

ok use a little google and:



I see opportunities for it in almost every MMA fight I watch now.

Oh that's why. I can't get youtube at work.

Cool. Thanks.

Sovann, did you try it in class Thursday?


Nice fight, Nick Thompson just fought Chris Wilson in Florida. Nick ate a very good knee in the fight, but in the end Nick won the fight with a Kimura in the second round I believe.

Thanks for the vid, that was pretty sweet.