Nick Aldis resigns with NWA

Good move, he would be used poorly anywhere else. Hopefully the nwa can get some of their pre Covid steam back. For starters they are back on YouTube but I noticed they aren’t getting as many views as they used to get. One or two big signings and they can be a legit #3


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How much can they pay him? $100 per appearance ?

Resign and re-sign have two completely different meanings.

And backstage passes to smashing pumpkins concert

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Those a thing?

The real problem with NWA for me is they lost the zaney shit I loved. Question Mark (more famous as Jocephus) was my favorite wrestler, and he died. I don’t think they have Zicky Dice anymore and he was awesome in the TV title tournament. I still love the first season of powerrrrrr and the ridiculous commercials.


Zicky dice was great he should’ve won the tourney. Eli Drake vs Nick Aldis would’ve been a fun feud as well. They lost a lot of talent.

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