Nick and Gomi Both weighed in...

Just got a call from Cesar saying that Nick feels good and healthy and he weighed in at 161. Gomi also weighed in at 161. Expect a war!!

TTT for Diaz

Diaz will not roll over for Gomi. I sure hope that Gomi under estimates him.

i've 20 bucks on Gomi.

Gomi by Dec

I am really stoked about this fight!

Is this on PPV tomorrow night?

Is this a 5 round fight?

Gomi is actally going to get the KO win on this one. I think they are already reporting it in Japan

Fireball Kid victory & will not go the distance
Has Nick been knocked down by anyone yet?

WAR GOMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not a title fight so it should be 3 five minute rounds

Should be a great fight, Rooting for Diaz

As much of a clown that Diaz can be, I'm really pulling for him on this one. Gomi is a cocky little fuck(with good reason, of course) and I want Nick to knock him the fuck out.

Gomi by ko

someone should start Nick's excuse list already

Diaz by Submission

Gomi by KO

"Jackson didn't KO Diaz though. I've never really seen Diaz rocked."

Then you really not must have seen Jackson/Diaz 1. Jackson knocked Diaz down with standing punches then put on a complete beating on the ground. Of course we all know the outcome of the other 2 Jackson/Diaz fights, but saying that Diaz was never really rocked is not true. Go buy Bad Breed Volume 1 dvd. That entire tournament is on there.

Gomi will win this pro-wrestling match.

"Jackson didn't KO Diaz though. I've never really seen Diaz rocked."

Nick was as close to unconscious as possible it was a beating.

"anywhere to get that fight? I love seeing diaz lose"

Its on PPV live on Saturday. Much better card than the last UFC. The card is worth the price for Diaz/Gomi and Hendo/Silva.

Seriously though as a Diaz fan I give him a 60/40% chance or maybe a 70/30% chance.