Nick Claims " Dangerous and Unstoppable "

Who knows. Maybe he needed a break and is indeed better now. He did have the most legendary run in Strikeforce history don’t forget

More like delirious and unstable.


What was so legendary about it?

Holy shit hes morphing into russel crowe

“What we eat in life, echoes in eternity “

Are you deadass?

Who were the legends he beat on that legendary run?

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I have my doubts on Nick’s return. Isn’t he teaching self defense to camgirls?

Robbie wants this one too bad and has for a long time.

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Camgirls :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

But yeah he is teaching self defense classes which is pretty cool

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First person to stop Paul Daley the way he did. He out struck KJ noons who is a professional boxer. Finished that Santos guy who was a very dangerous fighter


Praying for a first punch ko by Lawler. So tired of the Diaz Brothers acting like the UFC needs them. Ufc was around before and it’ll be around after thses turds flip their last bird to the camera.


Definition of a hater

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Their whole shtick is weird. If I could put the dedication to improve and compete that they have for their conditioning. They could have been legends… both are just meh, exciting fighters. Not legit contenders.

Chuck was almost 50, Nick is 38, not that old for a fighter especially one who took time off. this is a silly fear you have.

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but, you watch their fights don’t you?

10 year olds and retarded rappers use the word “hater”. The rest of us say it’s just facts.

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I’m sure the UFC sleeps well at night knowing you are out here with their best interests in mind.

Fact is the Diaz brothers make the UFC money, no matter how much you are scared homie.

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I love both guys but nick hasnt fought in what 6 years? Everyone is saying “oh but robbie is 0-4 in his last 4.” To dos anjos who he tore his acl against, to askren who he hurt extremely bad, then to colby and magny. Not exactly bums. I ageee he has looked gun shy in there but 0-4 against those fighters versus zero fights in 6.5 years, id say robbie has the advantage. Pumped to see it either way.


Nates gonna throw the towel.


Looking how nowadays fighters look past their primes, i dont expect much, Robbie probably even flattens him out face first in the first minute.
Looking to Nick’s face, dude is changed, hard to explain how but las vegas definetly took a lot of out of him, probably the head bones density changed too, he doesnt look old nor how nick, something between crackhead and methamphine addict
Anw diaz fan