Nick Diaz and GSP to Coach Season 14 of TUF?

With all the Sonnen drama and several reports that Nick had a meeting with Dana in Vegas yesterday it seems possible.

What do you think UG?

 Lets ask Hammers Hamil lol

I'd love to see it if they make it. Diaz = TV Ratings. You just know he's gonna be in it for his team. This would be a much needed addition to TUF, as I haven't tune in to one single episode this season.

Perfect opportunity to spice things up.

GSP vs. Diaz:  UFC vs. Strikeforce

Grab 4 guys from each weight class, young up-n-comers types.  

-4 bantamweights = 2 fights on the show

-4 featherweights = 2 fights on the show

-4 lightweights = 2 fights on the show

-4 welterweights = 2 fights on the show

-4 middleweights = 2 fights on the show

-4 light heavyweights = 2 fights on the show

-4 heavyweights = 2 fights on the show

14 fights over the season, offering mini-tournaments in the 7 weight classes.  The finals for each weightclass can be on the finale.  Dana, send me my check now.    

I'd start watching again Phone Post

 Nick Diaz on TUF is money in the bank for Zuffa. I hope it happens.

I'd watch TUF if it was Diaz and Mayhem. I love GSP in the octogon, not on TUF.

Gsp shouldn't be on tuf again... Phone Post

But Diaz would be cool against someone else Phone Post