Nick Diaz bs Paul brothers

Why doesn’t Nick fight? He could probably do fine with no additional training. I know neither Paul Brother wants him but who knows, maybe they think they can win. Easy payday for Nick, win or lose

Dana won’t allow it.

The Diaz Bros vs Paul Bros. Tag team boxing.

Would bootleg.


Didn’t Jake just say he has a list of fights he wants with Diaz on it?

Unless he meant a different Diaz.

no one cares about nick diaz anymore. He’s as washed up as bj penn

Nick Diaz’s last fights were decision losses to Anderson Silva, GSP, and prime Carlos Condit. The loss to Condit is an all-time debated decision. Before that, he was on an 11-fight win streak.

BJ Penn has lost his last 8 fights; 9 if you include the Lava Shack.

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