Nick Diaz disrespected tonight?

Nate mentioned in his post win interview with Rogan that his brother Nick was disrespected by the UFC? What was that about?

Nick tested dirty in his last fight which caused him to get suspended, so he couldn't even get a ring side seat or be a ring corner guy.

I believe they let him go after losing a few fights in a row.

Nick Diaz is signed with EliteXC, so the UFC wouldn't let him be a corner-man for Nate.


He didn't say the UFC was disrespectful, he said the UFC was cool about it.

He was refering to ban placed on his brother by the athletic commision.

It IS bullshit that the NSAC wouldn't let Nick corner Nate, or let him back into the dressing room.

F*ck NutSAC..........

yeah he said the UFC got Nick in to the building atleast, but he couldn't corner or be ringside becasue of the suspension. Dana likes Nick Diaz

Nate's interview was gold.

1. He said the ultimate fighter house sucked.
2. Called the NSAC on their bullshit
3. Gave love to his brother

You watch, he's going to end up with a few broken limbs or some shit from a mob hit for that one.




"surprise surprise, a diaz finding something to get pissed off about"
Why, because Nick is suspended from fighting and they say he can't corner his brother? Some pretty big BS to not allow a guy to walk his brother to the octagon and give him advice.

^I think "Slow" is an apt name for you.

if you wouldn't make a dumb comment it probably wouldn't happen

Dana being the petty man that he is has an obvious grudge against Nick Diaz. why? because Nick Diaz said fighting in the UFC made him feel like a stripper and a prositute.

lol EY, he said 'fighting in a cage' makes you feel like that, he didn't say the UFC did.

Anyway anyone notice Rogan's comment, something about 'Nate is going to have a great career in the UFC in the future, and so will his brother'?

Caveman is correct.

The disrespect Nate talked about was from the commission. He thanked Dana for getting him into the building.
Nick Diaz was referring to fighting in a cage when he made the stripper comment.

Nice comprehension people.