Nick Diaz hangin in Westwood (vid)

Where in westwood is that?

"I was fighting fuckin Takanori Gomi.  What did you fuckin think I was doing?"


fuckin fuckin fuckin

OK as much as I have wanted to hate the Diaz bros from past experiences...I'm turning into a big fan.

They may talk shit, but these guys always back it up.

Diaz bros = good for the sport

The Diaz brothers are the shit!!


Can't wait to see him fight again.

ttt - lol

Does anyone have the picture of the Diaz bros. as kids handy? It's too funny...

Well at least I know that I am a dorky loser and have no problem with it.

"I was fighting fuckin Takanori Gomi. What did you fuckin think I was doing?"

best ever.

Am I Wrong About 3 Months Ago Every Casual Fan On This Site Thought Nick Was A Bitch. Now He Knocked Out Gomi and Smoked Some WEED and Now All Of U Cats Are On His Stick. Go Watch The Lawler Fight and The Video Of Him Talking Shit About Diego And U Will Realize Why This Guy Is So Fucking Underground. HE WILL NEVER SELLOUT TO YOUR MARKET MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are corrct. The recent Nick and Nate vids have totally changed the UG tide though. know, now I can see why Dana liked him so much. I can't imagine how many F-bombs went on in a conversation between those two

I was Octagon side when he fought Lawler at UFC 47 and he was talkin MAD shit to Lawler.  At the post fight press conference he explained that his fight plan was for Lawler to come forward and when Robbie didn't do it he started taunting him to come forward so it would fit his gameplan.

At one point when Diaz was walking Lawler down he stopped and said "Where the FUCK are you going?! I'm RIGHT here!".  He ain't no bitch.




The Diaz bros are fucking awesome!

I cant believe he only said Fuckin' 13 times in that minute! Maybe its because he was just relaxing?