Nick Diaz - Jazz Hands

Found this really good breakdown of Nick's striking game done by Benn Jordan.  Awesome title of the article.


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    Jazz Hands: The Enigma Of Nick Diaz</h1>

In March of 2013, everyone hated Nick Diaz. He was the laughing stock of armchair fans and even Dana White defended his title shot by saying that it was a favor to the UFC champion, Georges St. Pierre, who he had a quite long running feud with. His 11 fight win streak was somehow swept under the rug, and he walked into a fight he couldn’t win.

Sometime shortly after a decision loss and being avoided and held down for 25 minutes by St. Pierre, Nick Diaz announced his retirement in the post-fight press conference. A reporter asked him who he would he like to fight if he were to continue fighting, and Diaz said “Anderson Silva”. The press chuckled. It seemed like a joke. But neither Nick or his brother Nate ever smile, so part of me thought he was serious. It was a delusional fantasy, something I would put on a list of fights I’d like to see that would never happen. Anderson Silva, at the time, was at the absolute height of his career. He had cleaned out his division over and over, and was effortlessly picking off big name fighters from light-heavyweight as well. The idea that a welterweight coming off of a loss would fight for the middleweight title was, well, laughable.

And here we are, a few months away from Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz coming out of the woodwork to fight each other after spending over a year outside of competition. The fight holds a special place in my heart, because throughout the roller-coaster of their careers, they have remained my 2 favorite fighters for the last decade.


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