Nick Diaz Next Fight Aug. 14th w/event Poster Pic:

Im ready for this fight. No rules. No time limit. Weapons allowed. Tortillas to the face.

 good lord...BRING IT REGGIE!

 Stylistically a bad match up for Nick, but his fights never disappoint.

Finally, Nick will earn his Mayweather dollars for this fight. Phone Post


lol, "Proceeds will go to the Nate Diaz memorial fund"

Reggie, by better facial hair.


 War Reggie

reggie. have you ever met nick ?

this is awesome


 haha, good one Reggie!

lol at Dana Black and proceeds go to memorial fund.

Somebody post this Sai video of nate and Nick sparring. You better watch out Reggie, they are getting ready for this.

TTT for $7 tickets.


 got my fanny pack packed!


michaelkaras - this is awesome

Reggie is world-beater in the first 18 seconds of his fights. He has world class nunchucking skills and an extremely underrated rubber guard game.

Very tough fight for Nick. Reggie is legit.