Nick Diaz poses with tommy Chong after silva fight

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That's awesome. LOL. Thx for posting.

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In 1987 I was lifting at World Gym in Venice. Arnold was there training with Sven Ole Thorsen. Tommy Chong walks in and starts banging on the front desk yelling "Where's my steroids, man?"

It was a perfect day.

Lol awesome. Phone Post 3.0

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Nice pic. :)

I really hope Nick has a great life after MMA.

2 legends

I love Nick. Phone Post 3.0

Nick Diaz always rolls with the best. Phone Post 3.0

nosteroids = awesome Phone Post 3.0

EvilMaster - Nice pic. :)

I really hope Nick has a great life after MMA.

He plans to tour with a spoken word show.

Cool find ?? VU Phone Post 3.0

world's first cone roller iirc

He won me over with that Silva fight :)) Phone Post 3.0

way cool

It's fuckin vodka man Phone Post 3.0

awseom pic fuck the haters


Nor after the fight. That was at Champs. Saw him today. It's a glassblowing/bong convention. Phone Post 3.0