Nick Diaz Soundboard - Vote Me Up!

  here is the mike golberg soundboard!

the whole "vote me up!" in the thread title kinda has my cursor hovering over that VTFD button... too bad i already used my vote on that douchey reedlow character

How is there no "don't be scared homie"???? Phone Post

New bj penn soundbaord

Includes the Andy Wang button

shit sorry guys I kind of got all carried away and changed some of my site structure as well as redid the code a bit for the soundboards. the soundboards now work in all browsers except IE I think, so you can view them through the iphone and tell people to "fuck their mothers" on the go! vote for the next soundboard on the mainpage too!

pageant not pagent

Otherwise pretty darn good. VTFU

hmb - Nick Diaz Soundboard

This is good stuff but I've seen way better soundboards online. Someone upgrade this thing and embed on UG That would be amazing.

Also, when you are done playing with the amazing Diaz soundboard make sure to VTFU, bitches!

A vote up good sir.

Sub Phone Post

hmb - I don't understand my -41 red fucking arrows!

You were complaining about being -41..

Now you are at -157...

Now you are at -158.

In Phone Post

UGCTT_Winnson - pageant not pagent

Otherwise pretty darn good. VTFU

Thanks man! I am not the best at spelling, will change that Phone Post

TTT Phone Post

Sub Phone Post


Ok. We need this back. The new generation of fans needs this back. Nick Diaz needs this back. Also vote me up! Lmao!

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Fuck you.

You`re profile says that you have never voted anybody up.

And besides…the soundboard don`t work.



Lol! Did you blow a gasket. Its a joke.

And i have voted ppl up. Blame this suckhole forum. And what kind of weirdo looks at that shit and bases his life on it? Lmfao!