Nick Diaz Talks GSP Fight!

I have been a Nick Diaz fan since I first seen him fight in the UFC.

I really can't understand why some guys hate on him and want to see him take a beating.

He always comes to fight, has crazy cardio and is a great technician.

As far as his interview skills and antics out of the cage go you have to think of this.

It takes someone who is a little crazy anyway to get in a cage in the first place.

Do people think every fighter is going to act like a ambassador when they are giving an interview.

Sure there are guys who can play that role like Oscar De La Hoya. But he also likes to wear fish net stockings and a wig.

Everybody has their little quirks. Nick's social skills are a little unique but he is one hell of a fighter.

And who doesn't want to see somebody really bring it to GSP and force him into a dogfight.

I think Nick is definitely the man for the Job!

War Nick Diaz Give em hell!