Nick Diaz to fight in GFC

According to, he is fighting Tom Denny in the Gracie Fighting Championship.

Hopefully he wins and comes back to the UFC.

it will be

Fuck the UFC if they don't want Nick Diaz, i would like to see him signed by another promotion like the IFL, I would love to see Diaz in Pride too.

Unfortunately the UFC doesn't keep guys that don't win.

"Unfortunately the UFC doesn't keep guys that don't win."

Won his last 2 fights didn't he?

he's 6-4 in the UFC, won his last two. Fucktard.

and just look who he has beaten...and their records.

split decision loss against karo ain't nothing to hang your head about.

how can you have a winning record if you don't win?

by the DVD deuce77

I don't think Neer is a nobody, and Nick beat him easily and on short notice.


Just because he is fighting in another org does not mean he is "leaving" the UFC.

Everybody calm will see Nick Diaz in the Octagon again. Probably within the next 4 events.





Great to see that he is fighting again but the ufc needs to eat a fat one for not keeping him, jackasses...

He's pumped about being in our show.

Diaz can be an exciting fighter, and did lose very close decisions in the UFC.

That being said, the Sherk and Riggs fights should have been waaaay more exciting, except Diaz decided to dance around and not fight.




Good stuff! Still waitin on my Nick Diaz Hoodie though!