Nick Diaz vs. Joe Stevenson result

Nick Diaz vs. Joe Stevenson Results
Never Tap No GI submission tournament. Joe Stevenson wins by decision.

Diaz got robbed! Points weren't awarded at this tournament instead they have judges deciding it that know nothing about grappling. Stevenson was so gassed there at the end it was pathetic. Nick was passing his guard, sweeping him and almost subbed him several times. Stevenson is about to go against Avellon and looks to tired to beat him.

what did stevenson do? he must have produced some sort of offense to get a decision, even a bad one.

Good question. He would go for guillotine chokes and Nick would pass his guard. I thought maybe that sub attempts were the deciding factor but Tyrone Glover had numerous and still lost to Hieron. I think having Laimon in the corner yelling swayed or intimidated the ref.

heiron picking up and slamming tyrone on his head at will also might have had something to do with the decision and stevenson POPPING niazs ankle 3TIMES making the crowd turn away in disgust might have helped him win (not to mention tossing him around like a rag doll from standing....literally!!)