Nick Diaz vs Nate Diaz Sai fight, Crazy Fakas! lol

Search engine on here isn't working so hope I'm the first posting

Funny part is when the cameraman says he has a high quality video, LOL!

nope, check out him and Kit spinning the cat.

it was probably high quality at the time

Movement training!

4l8er Phone Post 3.0

nate got good footwork..

I love that video. <3

"Nathan! Don't do that!"
dying voice "I love u mom.."
Awesome. Diaz's r real dudes.

Better than fucking pool noodles.

This is easily the best video Iv ever watched from the UG Phone Post 3.0

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Nick can't see nate dogg Phone Post 3.0

Them Crazy Mo Fakas don't play with Pool Noodles. It's Still the weekend here in California and You just got my 1 vote of the week. Had never seen it before, thanks for sharing.

"Happy Nick Diaz" sightings at approximately 4:00 and 4:44.
May be more, will finish watching tomorrow. Phone Post 3.0

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Posted this yesterday.

Sall good tho if its about the Diaz bros. Phone Post 3.0

Lol and the mother walks by as they are swinging Sai's around lol.

Oh 209 crazy people

What a back and fourth battle!!

4 later Phone Post 3.0