Nick Diaz vs. Rampage Jackson (Fantasy Match)

Theoretically, this could happen in RIZIN, but unlikely.

Anyhow with the video of Nick chasing Pages girl and now Page calling out Diaz, if it ever happend at open weight (assume Nick at 185ish - 190 and Rampage at 235ish) - who wins and how?

Hahaha open weight Rampage comes in at 265lbs.. Diaz comes in at 188lbs chubby.. Rampage throws bungalows from the start.   Diaz ducks and dodges to the best of his abilities before diving at the legs hoping for a trip/takedown., and if it goes to the ground Diaz taps him quick, because by that point ā€˜Page is sucking wind hard and says fuck it 

Nick getting slammed thats for sure.

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Rampage brutal KO. 


I have never seen a boring Nick Diaz fight. Chilled with him and Nate at 49, always liked both.

I have never seen a boring Rampage fight. Hung with him at 88. Cool motherfucker.

With that saidā€¦there are weight classes for a reason. Diaz can make 165, and Page was +250 for his last fight. Nick takes multiple slams. Quinton eats the fuck out of his punches.

If Daley dropped Diaz badā€¦Jackson would sleep him cold.

Better match up would be at a catch-weight at 180 against Michael Bisping or Rich Franklin.

Diaz via submission