Nick Diaz will f*ck you up at this one...

I wanna be indean. Phone Post 3.0

This is Zubin.

Literal lol. Phone Post



I love F-Zero.

Pure gold.

Hahaha I bet it's real Phone Post 3.0


Please check your "Read" file for my e-mail (a message doesn`t always show up under account)

Rambo John J - Nick is Boss.

Whether that is his account or not.

He is the Boss.

He is so dumb he is awesome bro

-Typical American youth


called him camel


Nick Diaz could beat me in any video game with the exception of F Zero and Mario Kart!

Am I the only one that pictured this?






Gotta live Nick Phone Post

Love fckng autocorrect Phone Post

Chomas - FZero was badass you could jump like a motherfucker in that game

embarrassing though that he cant spell Indian
He didn't go to school to learn to spell Indian. Phone Post 3.0