Nick Diaz

He had 175 nanograms in his system from the pot. The standard positive is at the 15 nanograms level, but Nevada had raised their's to 50 in recent years. I would think he'd be loaded at that level, and Commission members commented during the fight (according to Meltzer anyway) that he looked glassy eyed. Apart from the debate about marijuana good or bad, why would he smoke so immediately close to the fight, knowing for a certainty that his level would be high? Not like smoking a couple of weeks before.

Who cares.. It would of only hindering his performance either way, and he still beat the shit out of Gomi.


word = BONG

^^blows out smoke^

JOB, those are the issues I'm not asking about.

He was baked and he still destroyed Pride's goldenboy

subwrassler, you don't get the point that he was assuring he would not have a win?

Anyone who comprehends question other than Smith?

"why would he smoke so immediately close to the fight, knowing for a certainty that his level would be high?"


He smoked for medical purposes. He still beat the crap out of Gomi, and that submision is one of my fovorites with the gi ofcourse.

What was the medical purpose and, if so, then why a no contest?

I sure wish I could understand what you're saying to me stretch.
slow down or something.
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Serious question:

What if he lost and tested positive? Would the fight still be ruled a NC?

My guess is that Nick just wasn't thinking before he acted. It's a well-known fact that Nate is the brains of the Diaz family.

BLAF, you really think marijuana is holding nick diaz back as an athlete?? You know he does triathalons for fun - I don't think its getting in the way of his cardio or motivation. Dude is a serious fucking athlete, period. Only reason he was not as successful as he could have been in UFC is that he was fighting at 170.


Diaz who? Cameron? Porfirio?

lol @ "Porfirio Díaz" xD

that guy had awesome cardio...
30 years as president...

I think pot stays in your systems for weeks or months. He might have done it weeks before the fight. Just because he looked baked doesn't mean he was. Also, could be that he was hanging out with a group of guys that were SUCKING ON THE ETERNAL WEED and he breathed in some of their smoke.

Fuck it...get blunted.