Nick/Drew & Karo/Chris are prelims

Karo Parisyan Vs. Chris Lytle & Nick Diaz Vs. Drew Fickett are prelims, because they think these two fights will most likely go to a judges decision.

I notice that recently that the new UFC Main Card is all about: Main Event, Title Fights, & Fights that will most likely finish.

they definately like to have the HW fights on PPV. Hopefyully they will continue to show us as many matches as possible.This card looks so stacked that all the fights are PPV worthy.

I've gotta see Karo vs Lytle. That will be an awesome fight.

Hopefully some of the fights end early enough for them to squeeze the Karo/Lytle fight into the broadcast too

That is a terrible idea.
Just like a couple UFC's ago where (after watching the DVD) Diaz vs Karo was the best fight and certainly the most technical ground fight, this UFC's Karo vs Lytle will be the best technical fight.
The UFC better show this one on the PPV.

I really want to see Karo vs Lytle

these will be 2 of the best fights.

damn, i wanted to see fickett tap in real time :o(