Nick Lembo interviewed on improving judging

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                                Nick Lembo interviewed on improving judging

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Thanks so much for agreeing to do this. If you could, explain to the readers exactly what your position entails.
In short, with the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, and with regard to professional and amateur mixed martial arts, I have always been responsible for approving contests, assigning officials, training officials, and conducting weigh-ins.

With the Association of Boxing Commissions, I chair, have chaired, or sit on, committees involving mixed martial arts rules, match making, gloves and officials training.

Our first interaction came following an article I wrote about the Chris Leben–Jake Rosholt fight at UFC 102 and the precarious position referees are in where they are in a no-win situation.
First off, what were your thoughts on the fight, should it have been stopped?
I always prefer that fights are stopped a little sooner than later.

The referee in that particular fight, Yves Lavigne, has come under a great deal of scrutiny lately for some difficult decisions inside the cage, most notably his performance at UFC 96 in the Matt Brown vs. Pete Sell fight.

What happens to a referee in a situation like there where they openly admit to making a mistake and it’s obvious to everyone that an error was made?

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LOL didn't Nick Lembo handpick the judge (Colon?) who scored the second round of Kimbo/Thompson to Kimbo... a round in which the entire time Thompson spent pounding on Kimbo from side control?

At least one of the judges got the scoring right for that round:

If I was on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" & it was a question about MMA that I was not sure about, I'm calling Nick......