Nick Maximov vs. Andre Petroski

Up next… I got Maximov


Fuck this commie. Imagine a fighter coming out with a swastika tattooed on him.


What did I miss? What’s the tattoo and who has it?

The second generation slav is strong in this fight.i got petrovski by terrible decision.its the commie way .

Well, I see it now. So Petroski is a commie retard.

Oh shit .holodomor choke

Holy Shit that was impressive

That was satisfying

Will the commie give all his winnings to the government so they can nobly redistribute it?

Maximov was being overrated so hard.

No homo

That is thee most handsome communist on earth.people join antifa because guys like him make them feel bad

Maximov is the diaz fighter who had a close, boring decision win last time out?

I agree with @Acidic

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A commie from Philly ?

The man shoots from a mile away. Petrovski saw that from his previous fights and took advantage

These odds were always fucked. I was pissed I don’t live in a gambling state, I would have bet this fight heavy.

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There is a shitload of them fighting in Ukraine now. In America they are called heroes.


My thoughts exactly.