Nick Names 4 Ruediger

In light of Gabes debacle on TUF, I feel that he needs a new nick name to help turn things around. You know, to start off fresh so to speak. So in the spirit of the UG, I say we give him some ideas. I'll start it off.

Here we go.

Gabe "the anal tornado" ruediger!!!

How about....

the Gaaybe "Blade" Ruediger!!!!!

Fudgie the Whale

C'mon guys. I know that trhe UG is one of the most respected think tanks for MMA. Lets give our brother gabe a hand so that he may end this sad chapter in his life.

LOL at Foodiger. That may be the best so far.

That is an incredible second post

Hey guys. Gabe really needs your input here.

Here is another.

"Jenny" Gabe Ruediger

Lets go guys. Gabe really needs you.

Right now he is crying because of the lack of ideas.

So lets get cracking fellas!!!!!

I can see him now... lying on the floor... tears running down his chubby cheeks...

Now if that doesnt get you guys going, nothing will.

The Cake Assassin

The Icing Man

The Cake Murderer

The Cake Smasher

The Cake Hunter

One Cake Army

The New York Cake Ass


He Cake Me

The Golden Cake


The Cake of Bake

The Baby Cake Assassin

The Cake-Samurai

The Insane Cake

Cake Horse

Cake Slice- Him and Kimbo can eat bread and cake on YouTube

I actually got a chuckle out of "The Cake Smasher."


Gabe "Roto" Reudiger

fatty patty



Thanks for the help guys. I know that gabe is out there somewhere with a smile on his face. As well as frosting and ice cream and crumbs and.... well.... all that matters is he is happy and not crying his eyes out. See gabe e boy, we here at the UG really do care about ya!