Nick Names 4 Ruediger

muffin ass

bologna tits

gabe "no sweat" ruediger

gabe "please close your mouth when you" chewdiger

gabe " i got dibs on the last piece" ruediger

Gabe "put me back in" Ruediger

Gabe Poo-digger.

I like "Boo Hoo Hoodiger" the best.

Gabe "I justed wasted my MMA career on national TV" Ruediger

Mr. Ass Gabe Ruediger

Gabe "the colonicer" Reudiger

"Gape" Ruediger?

i like the nickname "lipid", just cuz hes fat. but maybe "fudgiger"..he'll never get to use these ever anyway. id be really suprised to see that dude fight in the ufc.


Gabe Get a fuckin' clue--Diger

Gay Rudiger.


Gabe "I can have my cake and eat it too" Rudiger


the mudslide

"Gluttonous" Gabe Rudiger

"The Scalebreaker"