Nick / Nate Diaz Fightwear

Nate has some of his own shirts at

show some support u dirty bastards..

post some pics for us lazy dudes

fuck that I'm too lazy..

I would buy a t-shirt if it had two things

"I aint no bitch" quote

and a picture of Nick beating up Riggs at the hospital

lol.. thats a good idea diego.. will tell them to make one..

 Is it the same as the Stagr stuff?

these shirts are not by Stagr.. Stagr is a sponsor..

Diaz Brothers is run by their family & friends, I am pretty sure that 100% of the $$ goes to Nick & Nate..

not sure who runs but since Cesar had it setup I'm sure Nate is getting a good %% of the $$ from those shirts too..

 what a coincidence, I was JUST looking for some Diaz gear yesterday and wanted to support both of them, thanks for posting.

well dan, I can accept that you're as lazy as me...ha ha


so does that mean the "team stockton nathan diaz" shirt i got from has the money going to somebody else?

ttt for the diaz brothers

Im buyin one of each for me and one of each for eddie.


Are they wife beaters with "903" spray painted on them?