Nick Newell fights tonight

At Mohegan Sun, Bellator 260 against Bobby King. Always a fan of Newell, lets go!!

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His 15 minutes of fame has ended. He was a fighter matched with people who couldn’t grapple on purpose. You see what happens when he fought someone with legit skills.

Nick was doing ok against Gaethje but ran out of gas.

If by doing ok you mean SURVIVING then yes he did ok.

Gaethje also has stated he was worried about hurting Newell on national TV if you remember. He said it would have hurt the Promotion and the sport if a one armed fighter was seriously hurt on national TV.

I’d tap as the bell rung so that nub thing can’t touch me.

Graaaabbb myyy ssstrrrrooonnnngggg haaaanndd

But you wouldn’t make it as far as he did and I assume you have two hands. Also 100% chance he fucks you up


This is some soy boy shit to say about Nick.

Get a fucking grip.

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No shame in losing to Gaethje


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someone ban this idiot please

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nah dont be banning @On_a_SideNote he’s usually pretty cool this is just a weird take from him he needs a blowie or somethin

or a one armed stubbie job from Nick or somethin


There is nothing to ban me about. I’m stating facts. It was a good story but the truth is he is not elite but has accomplished a lot with his disability.

I’ve known Newell for many years and he started believing into the hype. Everyone close to the situation including myself knew the truth of his matchups.

Why do you think Dana WHite made it a point to match him up with who he did on Contenders. He was proving a point that he had been saying years.

  • On a SideNote: Last nights fight proved a step up in comp and look what happened. He landed 18 strikes. That’s 6 strikers per round. Let that sink in.

I definitely couldn’t have done what he did. 100% chance he can’t and wouldn’t. fuck me up. He would tell you the same. We move in same circles. He doesn’t fuck up a lot of the fighters in the circle.

He can’t fuck you up? So why don’t you fight pro for Bellator?

You live in Mass? Thats where Nick trains out of, no?

I have no desire to fight Newell…I just don’t care for him anymore. He used to be humble dude who let his fame go to his head and he started believing his hype. I’m sure a lot of people will come here and stick up for him but I’m familiar with him personally so I’m speaking from experience.

I’m sure he would say the same about me. I’m sure he doesn’t care for me either. lol

I am from MA. Nick trains in MA at FAA. As well as having his own affiliate gym in CT, where he is from. Now his coach at FAA is as legit as they come and produces great fighters. Nothing but respect for that team.

  • On a SideNote: Newell’s gym is exceptional and I’m willing to say he will turn out to be a better coach than fighter as Newell is already producing some great fighters.
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Nice! Do you know any up and coming fighters to keep an eye out for from his gym?

Nate Ghareeb is the one who jumps out. He just lost on Bellator to Cody Law but he is special.

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I’ve known Nick since ever since as have like dozens of people I know. I never experienced a change in the guy, nor have I ever heard anyone say that. If you and he had some problem, I’m thinking it was between you two, and not, like everyone.

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I’ve never had a personal issue with Newell and I guarantee I know him better than you. Newell has a personality that is polarizing. At one time I tolerated him but his “fame” went to his head.

I could give you names of well-known guys from the area that used to train at FAA who will say the same. But it’s not worth my time. I said his 15 minutes of fame are up and last night was the final nail.

He will retire and focus on coaching. Guaranteed.