Nick Nolte new MMA Movie ! ! (LOLz)

Nolte To Play Mixed Martial Arts Expert In New Wrestler Movie

10 March 2009 6:30 PM, PDT

Rocknrolla star Tom Hardy will play Nick Nolte's son in this year's version of The Wrestler.

Like Mickey Rourke, Nolte plays a washed-up fighter, but, in Warrior, his heroics are in mixed martial arts, not wrestling.

Nolte's character is also a Vietnam vet and recovering alcoholic in the Gavin O'Connor film, which starts shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in April, according to Entertainment Weekly.

He couldn't be a rogue cop, ex-CIA cleaner, and half-Vampire too?

 I like Nolte alot.

If any of you saw him in "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" I think you'll see the kind of character they may be shooting for with this.

A little anyway.

WeeWillyWinky - He couldn't be a rogue cop, ex-CIA cleaner, and half-Vampire too?


Anyone who served in Vietnam would have been pretty bloody old to be competing in MMA even in it's early days.

 Bamboo stick fighting with Charlie aint no joke son!

Word is this is actually being marketed as a Kevin Rosier biopic.

Apparently they have him actually winning UFC 1 in the early draft of the script that was floating round the insider sites.

It actually reads pretty well I have to say. Some of the other rumours I heard attached to the project were the guy from Dexter that played Little Chino (matthew willig - ex nfl) was tagged as Royce.

The script builds the rivalry up between the two quite a lot and is the big showdown fight at the end.

^^ Oh my...