Nick Ring vs. Chris Camozzi

Up next... I got Camozzi



Ill take this guy

comon Chris!!!

I like Camozzi with that hairstyle. Handsome devil. No romo. Phone Post

War Camozzi!

Camozzi looks like he has a weak back, that always worries me

gusto - SAIL!

Ill take this guy

Haha first thing I thought was "awesome walkout song " Phone Post

Card -

The Promise! Phone Post

Lol @ rings song of choice Phone Post

Annnnd of course Nick comes out to the gayest walkout song possible. Looking good with the beard though. No romo again. Phone Post

Let's go Camozzi!!! Phone Post

NavyCorpsmanBaraodMySN - WAR CAMOZZI Phone Post

!!! Phone Post

man, camozzi might get ragdolled. hope he pulls it out

Nick looks calm I think him.

Lol Ring is Sssssuper Fabuloussss!! Phone Post

What is that chick singing about?

"Sweet Sweet Heroin"

Can Nick the Ring get any gayer? Phone Post

Ocean6 - What is that chick singing about?

"Sweet Sweet Heroin"

I'm living on such sweet nothing. Phone Post