Nick Serra - Legit Crazy or act?

I gotta go with Legit! The guy is kinda scary!

Heres a TTT since absolutely nobody cared enough about your thread to respond to it. lol

I've seen him train from time to time. He is legit scary. I don't know what was up with the monkey thing, but he is whacky and geeky (His brother's a closet geek).

what did he do?

The guy couldn't act normal if he wanted to }:-)
Nick's the man! Congrats!

[url=]post fight pic[/url]

i remembre him ighting in the Bama fights in NJ.

He a;ways wonn but over guys with little more than HS wrestling experience.

His whole stratgey was taking you down into his guard. Homo standup.

he's got a world class guard, why wouldn't he want his opponent in his strong area?

Nick has a great sence of humor and loves his monkey mask.Congrads to Nick on the win

Nick is a great guy and has great jiu jitsu. He also likes to have a good time. Big Congrats!

ttt for Nick..Total legit, Ground and Stand-up...CFFC Welterweight Champion.

He's one of my best friend's because he's one of the most honest man I know. Sometimes you go to his class just to have a good time.

ttt for nicky that hard training paid off buddy.great fight.

WINSTON WOLF - What's up bud, miss hanging out over there.

Please tell me more about the fight. how did he win? my guess is triangle.

he won by armbar, surprisingly, considering he can whip out that triangle from anywhere he pleases.

define crazy. Also don't think he can't do takedowns. His takedowns are good, but his guard is better.

Is he really related to Matt???????????????

I had an opportunity to talk with Nick briefly and he sounded like a well spoken and nice person. So behind that mask is a respectible person.

CONGRATS on taking my Belt. You earned it

Mike Varner

Look at Nicks twin brother Damien Serra, he looks half way between Matt and Nick. Also their father looks more like Matt Serra then Matt Serra does.


Gotta take the word of the guys on here that know him on whether or not he's crazy, I couldn't say. He did have a pretty impressive fight last night though. Was he seriously threatening the ref right after, though or just talking shit good-naturedly, I couldn't tell.