Nick Starks?? Was this guy legit?

I always used to see his ads in all the MA magazines. He was supposed to be a shootfighter or something. He looked like a badass in his pics, but we all know how that goes. Anyone have any info on this guy?? Has he fought anyone legit?? Just curious.

he's had some decent fights in Hook-N-Shoot. Not a worldbeater, by any means, but had some exciting fights on some smaller shows.

He Beat Igor Yakamov with a footlock.He was a member of Bart Vales orginzation,but studied sambo under Gokor,Starks may have been a blue belt in BJJ,but had other grappling skills.

his tapes were cool.

I've always heard he was a fraud, but that's just what I've heard.

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To put this in perspective:

Nick ran a school in Orlando on Edgewater Dr where he insructed "Shootfighting". He was affiliated at that time with Bart although he was doing way more grappling than any of Bart's guys. Nick was at least a good blue belt back in 1995 when there was noone with any BJJ rank anywhere. Marcio was teaching out of a community center and had only a few white belts.

Nick competed and won several times before losing to Gary Myers in one of the Extreme Challenges. He also lost to Henry Matamoros (no shame there). Nick's highlight was beating Igor Yakimov by triangle choke in the IFC tournament. He was apparently injured and unable to continue to the finals where he would have faced Travis Fulton.

Nick rubbed some people the wrong way but he was always very cool to me. He got his purple from Marcio and did some fights in Japan that I never heard much about.

As far as his tapes? I haven't seen them but I have heard good things about them considering they came out in 1996 when there was not a whole lot on the market besides the Gracie Basics and the Renzo/Kukuk set.

I could have swore he beat yakimov with a footlock.

LOL at u guys,
he beat Igor by a rear naked choke.

His tapes copy move for move the SAW submission bible

I dont know much about him, but I have his fight with matamoros and have seen it many times. In that fight I noticed he had very limited attempts to escape the mount, had a very passive guard, but was good at attacking the legs. His attempts at a knee bar off the armlock attempt was very nice.

"Nick competed and won several times before losing to Gary Myers in one of the Extreme Challenges."

They never fought in EC,that was in another event

he beat yakimov by flying around the ring three times and chopping his head off with a samurai sword.I remember his nhb tapes being pretty much the submission bible,the reason i had it in my head it was a footlock was a postcard he sent advertising a new set of tapes and mentioning the fact he out samboed yakimov with a footlock

Henry was a blue belt in BJJ when he fought Nick Starks. I had Nicks videos and we where all pumped that Henry was to fight him! Nicks first opponent didnt show or got injured or something so he got real cocky about it and proclaimed the guy was scared of him or something -

When Henry had him full mount henry said to him come on Nick just tap out so I dont have to hurt you. To his credit nick didnt give up. Then the ref told Henry if there wasnt any action he was going to stand them up. So Henry was like Sorry nick but I have to do this - then henry punched him in the face many times until the end of the fight.

For some reason I always thoughjt that ws funny

Justin's database has him beating Yakimov by triangle choke.


I was kiving in FL when the Severn fight happened and also heard it was fishy

Thanks for the info guys