Nick Suriano MMA or Olympics?

Anyone know what Suriano’s plans? I know he mentioned he wanted to transition to MMA, but he was suppose to compete at the Olympic Trials if I remember correctly?

He’s currently wrestling at Michigan.

You never know surianos plans until he shows up lol the kid is a mystery

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But as a michigander I was super stoked when he announced he was coming to Michigan. He is obviously a huge pick up and can very well put us in the team title race .

I’m looking forward to see how his match with Courtney goes.

IDK man Fix is on a tear right now

He won’t see fix this year , he’s dropping to 125 .

oh right , the mention that on the flo interview with amin and miocic. with spencer out now for the year. its going to be interesting

Heard he’s not wrestling against ASU, said he still has to get enrolled at Michigan, whatever the heck that means

LOL man of mystery alright

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