Nick the Strangler Simmons

Can someone please tell me or show me how or what Nick Simmons did to choke people out. Either with a picture or explanation.

A guy once told me he knew some chokes from headlocks with the arm in from standing position. I wonder if its the same move.

mostly from on top of his opponenent or behind him. Nick would get on top, and do somthing similar to a rear naked...but he would have an arm encirlced so it was still kinda legal.

I think it is a pretty hard move to get as good as he is with it... plus he used it so much that refs starting calling him on it so this past season 2005-2006 I don't think he even used it one time, he is now riding a new move that is almost as tight on the neck that is usaully refered to as the 'claw' ride.

thanx for the reply Limping Logan. Does he have any MMA plans?