Looks like it wil lget signed today for the NOVEMBER 5th MFC event.

: )

Great news...

I see Nick putting another notch in his bedpost after this fight. I also think Nick Thompson has the best manager in the sport, Nick has a high quality fight almost every other week. Who is this manager, and how can i become a client.

Mr. Noble, rumor is you have to brush this manager's flowing locks, twenty strokes per side and say nice things about his "movie star" smile.

Derrick dont be mad at me or Bob - he is good, and you know it!

Dont worry, young Derrick....

Awesome fight

I'm ready to brush the flowing locks, I've been practicing on Bob for years.

You got a thing for redheads, huh Derrick?

I'll brush your locks too, if you'd like

Superb matchup. Good luck Thompson.

One more reason to go to AC on the 5th. This should be a great event.

Derrick I have a sensitive scalp, so brush easy.

That's a nice fight to book!!!

Who is Prater? He is 17-3. Two losses to Kieth Wisniewski, the other is to Drew Fickett.

He owns a win over Spencer Fisher and Melvin Guillard.

He is out of the Yves Edwards group and is as tough as they come...

Great matchup! Go Thompson!!!!

Wow. I was too busy screwing around on the Dan the Wolfman threads, and I may have just lost this match...

: (

Awesome fight, Thompson will win


forgive my highjack

Miguel you cut me deep when ya dont call me back : (

I am sorry pinkas. I am very busy making fdun of Dan the Wolfman right now...