Nick was ON TONIGHT!!!

very good performance

i said this many times, a few bad decisions dont mean shit in this game

were gonna hear and see big things from Nick Diaz


everyone flood his site

give the man his bread


weak punches?

thats what cut neer up and stunned him twice?


even when he wins, fuckin haters gotta shit on him about something

nick needs to come back and fight in hawaii.

hes 23 fucking years old and already a brown belt, with very good hands

LOL @ the ignorance

ouch, that hurt


Nick hits surprisingly hard with those punches.Kinda reminds me of a lighter Chuck with how he throws hands.I thought he came out flat but as fight went on he throughly dominated that dude on the feet.Nick is one of better fighters at 170 but has lost close decisions to the BEST in the division.None of the elite fighters he lost to came close to finishing him.

"I saw the videos and knew I could whoop dude"


LOL...your an idiot.So who would make up the 170s? Just constant rematches between BJ,GSP and Hughes?Unlike Diego who has had fights handpicked,Nick hasnt had many "gimme" fights.He lost close decisions to the best and finished the rest and you say he doesnt deserve to be there?Good thing you arent a matchmaker.

Diaz looked good...he was picking him apart. Great fight.

Keep bringing Diaz, and he will keep us entertained.

looked great with the head movement,didnt get tagged ala joe riggs

I dont disagree that Nick can hit hard but 90% of his punches were weak, it looked like he was sparring with Josh. I thought maybe he was just trying to outpoint Josh esp after his post fight comments.

Punching like that won't work against an A level opponent.

Diaz rocks! Been a fan from the start, just some back luck calls in the past. I think they should have put himn in TUF house. That guy would rule the show BEEEEOTCH!