Nick Will Be Back. He Aint No Bitch....

dude aint retiring. come on.

he is top 3 in his weight class. probably top ten in p4p list.

he is still a kid. plenty of years to go.

see you soon nick.



 big cash and big fights will bring him back, maybe BJ to start? then Wandy?

He sure acted like one in that fight.

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle - He sure acted like one in that fight.

Phone Post

Diaz seems to have big problems against people he can't get against the fence. I gave him the first 2 rounds, with the only significant combo he threw being in the 2nd, but other than that, what good does backing people up do when it just gets you elbowed and kicked. Yes Diaz got the takedown in the 5th and took his back. That was the last 90 seconds of a 5 minute round, the other 3 1/2 minutes consisted of Condit landing shots with Diaz not doing much to return the favor...pretty much the striking equivalent to Diaz being on Condit's back, and that also ended with Condit on top dropping punches on Diaz.

Next fight give him the winner of Sanchez/Ellenberger (so Ellenberger), and then we'll see why he hasn't been in the UFC for years any way.

Who cares. GSP will dominate Diaz if he gets a shot. Another silly fight that will go down in history as irrelevant.

I won that shit! I won that shit! Phone Post

 LOL@ top 10 pfp