Nickal, most anticipated UFC debut since when?

Chimaev has some hype but not much compared to how much he had after his first UFC fight.
There was some hype for Chandler’s debut but Pitbull TKOed him two fights before his signing.
Ronda had a lot of buzz and was doing something historic.

Even coming from the CS, most fighters are flying under the radar when they debut on a PPV undercard or on a Fight Night prelim or sometimes main card.

Anyone, you can’t measure hype and fan interest perfectly but when was the last time a fighter’s UFC debut was as anticipated as Nickal’s?

Already has 143k views for his pre-fight interview aired on Conor’s youtube channel.

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Askren was bigger imo.


Maybe, that debut was like eight years in the making so I know the hardcore fans wanted to see it but this one has a lot of buzz too.

I know you don’t care for him much but Lesnar was a massive debut and a big draw

The hardcore fan base knew who Anderson Silva was. I’m sure his debut was greatly anticipated here, and on other forums


Kimbo Slice


Man. I talked up Ben Askren so much to my casual friends. Then they all talked so much shit to me after seeing his ufc fights. His debut was too many years too late


Nah he was always shit. How the fuck does a hip injury make you get KO’d in 2 seconds lmao

This is just a fun card overall, there is a ton of hardcore interest in Jones, Shevchenko Rakhmonov and Nickal fights at the moment. Even Turner, Du Plessis, Garry and Garbrandt to a lesser degree.

UFC 285 Quick Card

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I feel like Dricus could be a model. He’s a handsome guy

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I don’t dislike Lesnar the person or fighter, I just think the Lesnar worship is weird.


You’re so dumb lol. I’m sorry I try not to talk shit On here, but you’re just consistently so bad


I’m tired of excuses for Ben. Age had nothing to do with his UFC performances. Try actually rebutting my argument bud

You can tell you’ve never trained before and are newer to what you’re watching. It shows in your posts, thats ok though. We all gotta start somewhere.


Again you provide no rebuttal

I had never seen Shogun in Pride and was pretty hyped for his debut. Then he got choked out by Forrest.

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Ok, so if you knew ANYTHING about wrestling (Im not very good myself) you would know you shouldn’t bend over when you shoot. But because Askren’s hips were so messed up he hinged at the hips during his shots. Add that in with the lack of proper training, being in combat sports for 20+ years and coming into the UFC past his prime and thats the result you get.


Well I can for sure say we have not had a more anticipated UFC debut than than Nickal in the past five years.


I would have more sympathy for the guy but from what I can gather he never took the sport of MMA seriously, it was like a joke to him.

Where have you seen him say that? Yes I think he liked Wrestling WAY more than MMA. But if what you’re saying is true, Im even more impressed by him

The way the talks of himself as a wrestler not an MMA fighter, Belal Muhammad said Ben would just fuck off when it was time for striking drills and practice