Nickelback/Staind tickets in Calg?

done, thanks.

Is Aaron Lewis your long lost twin? You 2 are identical.

who the hell is aaron lewis?


Lead singer of staind.

Chad... wife sent an email for you. She works for the Sun and is going to see what she can do. I will let you know

crazy hook that would be grand... i have one guy saying he can get me 2 floor seats for $115 each.

I don't even like this band, lol... but my girl really likes staind and this would be a good suprise.

ya ya, I'm a softy, like Blake.


bobsappfan... you are so close there it's scary ;-)


Flexxx, the tix are for you =(

Blake, I always thought that guy looked like Showdown Joe.

Crazy, I don't think I got the email, if she's sending it later cool.


Man they sold out in an hour or so here in'd think they were Slayer or something :)

I work for a radio station and we were only able to get 4 pairs!!! These guys packed the house quick!!