Nicotine good for reducing Anxiety?!

I know a few anxious people that have been smoking cigarettes for decades. They claim it boosts their mood and chills them out. Is this true? Is nicotine good for reducing anxiety? Seems to me since it’s a stimulant that it would make anxiety much worse

How do you convince a smoker that they will feel better overall if they stop the nicotine?!

Short term it might feel like its working. Long term you are fucked. Same as all vices when not managed


In my experience there are virtually no exogenous chemicals that reduce anxiety effectively. It’s short term gain for long term loss. It works for a bit but once it wears off the anxiety is worse than before. Our bodies have millions of years of naturally managing anxiety take advantage of it, stop being lazy.


For me nicotine is definitely a stimulant and an anxiolytic. It does both.

They have anxiety because their mind is telling them they need more nicotine and the cig solves the problem.

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Nicotine is anxiety inducing

Once addicted, the anxiety caused by withdrawals creates the false impression of being calming once you get a “hit”


How do I convince the nicotine addict that this is what’s happening?

Is there anything besides Wellbutrin that helps folks stop smoking?

Also a major source of forest fires.

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Crack works great to calm ya down after a stressful day.


Chantix might help but it has a laundry list of complaints/bad side effects.

Vaping helped me mostly quit smoking.

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Hmm not even ssris?! Medications like Zoloft and Paxil seem to work miracles for some in terms of reducing anxiety

I used to smoke - took Champix for 1 month and never smoked again

Only side effect I had was vivid dreams

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I appreciate your consideration for my people’s plight.

Sorry again.or your relative who choked on that soda can.

How long did you smoke for ? Seems some just walk away rather easily from a nicotine habit whereas others just cannot stop

23 years (with 1 5 year successful “quit” in that period

“Nicotine acts like a key that unlocks nicotine receptors in the brain. Usually that key opens the receptor, but at other times nicotine is like a key that has gotten broken inside of the lock. Our findings suggest that low-dose nicotine may block a specific subtype of receptor from opening that is important for regulating anxiety behavior,” said Brunzell in a news release.

The ensemble of studies to date suggest that under certain conditions nicotine can act as an anxiolytic and an antidepressant, but that following chronic use, adaptations to nicotine can occur resulting in increased anxiety and depression following withdrawal.

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And do you feel much better now that aren’t smoking anymore?

I think that’s it. I don’t know if it raises anxiety and whatnot by itself, but the calming effect comes because these idiots are addicted and getting their fix! Stupid is stupid. Nicotine does reduce appetite, enhances mental focus, etc. But yeah, the supposed “calming effect” is just because they are suppressing withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking to me is THE stupidest widespread bad habit out there. Alcohol, drugs, etc. at least there are some upsides. What do yellow teeth, bad smell, bad lungs, lack of cardio, money drain, etc. bring you exactly as benefits?


Not disagreeing with you on your view of tobacco, but I would absolutely love to hear the upside of alcohol use!

Serious? I rarely drink, so I certainly do not romance alcohol use. But it acts as a “social lubricant” for many, those getting drunk feel good at least while drunk, forget daily grind, think t hey can beat UFC fighters (delusions of grandeur ha ha) and so on. It can be a social act of camaraderie (offering a beer, drink, just like joints, drinking with buddies, etc).

Of course just like smoking it leads to limp dick, bad health, etc. but my point is there are some upsides. Some even like the taste of some beers, wines, porto, etc. Who really enjoying the “taste” and feeling of smoking their first times? You have to force yourself to start smoking… just to be a dumb copycat. And we all have older uncles, aunts that look 20 years older than their age because they smoke, are always coughing, and all that crap. It’s not like it’s made up, we can see it all around us!

The one upside is you get some cheap gals looking for a smoke ha ha. That’s it. And that’s as a teen basically. Bad cardio, sore throat, bad smell, limp noodle, smoking outside in winter and on and on and on. All for fixing a need you created yourself, fully knowing the tobacco companies designed their products to enslave you. Such rebels these smokers ha ha.